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Pro-Abortion Professor: Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t Go Into Healthcare; “Not Worthy of Serving the Public"

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

As a Registered Nurse for 36 years, I predict that the bold suggestion made by Professor Monica MeLemore, RN in this article to purge the medical industry of pro-life individuals will trigger a  new "war of ethics"  among the medical community and its management teams.  This is not a new attitude.  It is simply a public admission of the mindset and goal of pro-death professionals.  Make no mistake, this attitude extends far beyond healthcare.  Having worked with Healthcare workers from all levels and specialties I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that those who are pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia are cold, indifferent, emotionally detached, and lack the necessary empathy and skills to provide for the whole patient.  As we all know, character repeats itself.  Anyone comfortable with participation in killing an unborn child is capable of just about anything......withholding medication, ignoring call lights from a patient in need of urgent care, falsifying charting entries, or ignoring doctors orders they disagree with. This may sound harsh, but  it is the reality of a  healthcare worker with a darkened, compromised conscience.   Those who call for pro-life healthcare workers to be kept out of the medical profession, in fact, open a much needed discussion on themselves and why they are the ones who should never be allowed near a patient or to play any role in Healthcare management. There is one word to describe what the healthcare industry would be without pro-life workers with a conscience.....Auschwitz.                                                            Jenn Giroux, RN                                                           Voice of Catholic Moms

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