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McCain and Soros

This article is an eye opener for all those who ever thought John McCain was a good man. He was not. 

We can give him credit for being a survivor of Vietnam War, despite the mixed feelings of those who were in captivity with him. But I will always view him as the traitor he was as an elected Senator.  The Public Relations effort to brand him a "Maverick" was just a code word for "Traitor" and this article is just one huge example.  The fact that his last official vote prior to death was a vote to stick it to all of us and President Trump to assure that Obamacare would live on, is also proof. 

To quote professor of political science at Rutgers University and someone who has spent considerable time in the Senate as a senior adviser to both Sens. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) and Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.).:

 'His greatest lasting achievement was his dramatic last-second "no" vote to dismember ACA.( Obamacare) and His greatest temporary feat was McCain-Feingold [campaign finance reform].'. 

This quote puts the below article in proper perspective.  May God have mercy on his soul.

Jenn Giroux

Voice of Catholic Moms


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