Voice of Catholic Moms is founded by moms across America.

--We value motherhood as the greatest profession on earth. 

--We are the families that are the backbone of America.


--We are married and single mothers. 

--We are problem solvers, truth seekers, voters, donors, Church goers, daily communicants, prayers of the rosary and molders of the next generation. 

--We are the silent majority often ignored in polls and the media. 

--We stand in solidarity with the timeless, unchanging teachings of our One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.   

--We are a reflection of the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

--We honor God in all things and believe when He is mocked and ignored there will be consequences.     


--We  take seriously our duty to stand up against the assaults of the Evil One which we now see in politics, society, and (sadly) inside the Church we love so dearly.  We do this in  love because when it comes to the physical and spiritual  protection of the souls of our children  it is a matter of eternal life or death.