Welcome to Voice of Catholic Moms...

The Voice of Catholic Moms is a critical voice in society today especially during this unprecedented time of aggressive confusion in both society and the Catholic Church .

Moms of all ages, race, education, and  backgrounds are united around one priority:  forming and protecting the souls of our children by  teaching them to recognize the Truth in the Catholic church, in  society,  in politics, and in the real life encounters that they will  have in their daily lives. 

 The Voice of Catholic Moms count and we want to be counted....in polls, in policy, and in education.  

 Moms from across America unite in prayer and action. 

We speak boldly but in charity and with clarity.  Our willingness to speak out will help preserve the Divine Truths rooted in our Catholic Faith and the rich Christian foundation of America's history.  We speak out to stop the assault on the world our children and grandchildren will grow up to see and understand.   In this time of  complex and unfiltered  social media and technology this is an exhaustive challenge.  

Marshall McLuhan (often quoted by the late Fr. John Hardin, S.J.) said, "Modern communication (the media) is engaged in a Luciferian conspiracy against the truth".  

We see it everywhere and our challenge is to fight it with all that is in us!    

The Catholic Church has survived over 2,000 years because its Doctrines are unchanging.  And the moral strength of society is reflective  of the Church.  Sadly, we are faced with Church leaders who continue to cause confusion by their silence and unwillingness to stand up to defend the true teachings  given to us by Jesus Christ. They have not only brought scandal and shame to Catholics, but to the entire world.  Now more than ever, the Catholic Church is needed as the standard bearer for the world once again.  Voice of Catholic Moms call on  the Catholic Hierarchy  to publicly correct those who advocate and defend harmful contraception, abortion at any stage, and homosexuality.  They will only stop if they  understand the gravity of defending these sins that offend God.  

Who would have thought the time would come that we would need to hold the Pope and our own Church leaders accountable to  their duty to protect the difficult moral teachings on life, death, homosexuality, birth control,  right, wrong, and the basic teachings of what constitutes sin?  Sadly, that time is now.  

Catholic Moms can be silent no more.  The issues of our day and how we respond are  a matter of eternal life or death for each one of us.

There is one more unchanging truth that propels us forward:

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.